Equity Sales & Trading

Hovde Group’s Equity Sales & Trading professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of banks and financial services companies, and are integral to the firm’s efforts to foster and develop relationships, ultimately for the benefit of the firm’s key client constituencies.

Our equity sales representatives have built and maintain deep relationships with major institutional investors, providing these clients with access to management groups, our research team, and capital markets transactions undertaken by the firm.

Our trading group makes markets in nearly 200 stocks of financial services companies, primarily small and mid-sized banks, providing best-in-class execution and liquidity enhancement for these mostly underfollowed stocks, while also working closely with C-suite executives on corporate buybacks and various other services.

Equity Trading Line: 866.971.0961

We make a market in the following stocks:

ALRSAlerus Financial Corporation
AMTBAmerant Bancorp Inc.
AMBZAmerican Business Bank
AMRBAmerican River Bankshares
ARBVAmerican Riviera Bank
ASRVAmeriServ Financial, Inc.
AQFHAquesta Financial Holdings, Inc.
BCTFBancorp 34, Inc.
BXSBancorpSouth Bank
BFCBank First National Corporation
BOCHBank of Commerce Holdings
BOIDBank of Idaho Holding Co.
BSFOBank of San Francisco
BSVNBank7 Corp
BFINBankFinancial Corporation
BKUBankUnited, Inc.
BCMLBayCom Corp
BCBPBCB Bancorp, Inc.
BWALBeach Community Bank
BHWBBlackhawk Bancorp, Inc.
BRBSBlue Ridge Bankshares, Inc.
BLHKBlueHarbor Bank
BOKFBOK Financial Corporation
BDGEBridge Bancorp, Inc.
BWBBridegwater Bancshares, Inc.
BYFCBroadway Financial Corporation
BMTCBryn Mawr Bank Corporation
BFSTBusiness First Bancshares, Inc.
BYByline Bancorp, Inc.
CALBCalifornia BanCorp
CBNKCapital Bancorp, Inc.
CCBGCapital City Bank Group, Inc.
CAROCarolina Financial Corporation
CECLCecil Bancorp Inc
CFBKCentral Federal Corporation
CHMGChemung Financial Corporation
CFCXCentric Financial Corporation
CHMGChemung Financial Corporation
CBTNCitizens Bancorp
CZWICitizens Community Bancorp, Inc.
CHCOCity Holding Company
CIVBCivista Bancshares, Inc.
CIVBPCivista Bancshares, Inc.
CCNBCoastal Carolina Bancshares, Inc.
CCBCoastal Financial Corporation
CBANColony Bankcorp, Inc.
CBCBCommerce Bancshares, Inc.
CFSTCommunities First Financial Corporation
CBUCommunity Bank System, Inc.
ESXBCommunity Bankers Trust Corporation
TCFCCommunity Financial Corporation
CFBICommunity First Bancshares, Inc. (MHC)
CMFHCommunity Heritage Financial, Inc.
CWBCCommunity West Bancshares
CNOBConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.
CRSBCornerstone Community Bancorp
CLDBCortland Bancorp
ICBKCounty Bancorp, Inc.
CUBICustomers Bancorp, Inc.
CVBFCVB Financial Corp.
DMKBADenmark Bancshares Inc
EBMTEagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.
EFSIEagle Financial Services, Inc.
EMPKEmpire Bancorp Inc.
ENBPENB Financial Corp
ESQEsquire Financial Holdings, Inc
EVBNEvans Bancorp, Inc.
FBVAFarmers Bankshares, Inc.
FMNBFarmers National Banc Corp.
FDBCFidelity D & D Bancorp, Inc.
FISIFinancial Institutions, Inc.
FRBAFirst Bank
FBNCFirst Bancorp
BUSEFirst Busey Corporation
FBIZFirst Business Financial Services, Inc.
FCBPFirst Choice Bancorp
FCCOFirst Community Corporation
FFINFirst Financial Bankshares, Inc.
FFNWFirst Financial Northwest, Inc.
FHNFirst Horizon National Corporation
INBKFirst Internet Bancorp
FRMEFirst Merchants Corporation
FMBHFirst Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc.
FMBIFirst Midwest Bancorp, Inc.
FXNCFirst National Corporation
FNRNFirst Northern Community Bancorp
FLICFirst of Long Island Corporation
FSRLFirst Reliance Bancshares, Inc.
FSFGFirst Savings Financial Group, Inc.
MYFWFirst Western Financial, Inc.
FDVAFreedom Bank of Virginia
FULTFulton Financial Corporation
GABCGerman American Bancorp, Inc.
GLBZGlen Burnie Bancorp
HWCHancock Whitney Corporation
HWBKHawthorn Bancshares, Inc.
HBTHBT Financial, Inc.
HMNFHMN Financial, Inc.
HWISHome Bancorp Wisconsin, Inc.
HOMBHome BancShares, Inc.
HMSTHomeStreet, Inc.
IBCPIndependent Bank Corporation
IBTXIndependent Bank Group, Inc.
IBTNInsCorp, Inc.
ISTRInvestar Holding Corporation
JDVBJeff Davis Bancshares, Inc.
LBSILiberty Bancshares, Inc
LBCLuther Burbank Corporation
MCBCMacatawa Bank Corporation
MFNCMackinac Financial Corporation
MNSBMainStreet Bancshares, Inc.
MLVFMalvern Bancorp, Inc.
MCHBMechanics Bank
MBWMMercantile Bank Corporation
EBSBMeridian Bancorp, Inc.
MCBSMetroCity Bankshares, Inc.
MSBIMidland States Bancorp, Inc.
MCBIMountain Commerce Bancorp, Inc.
MSBFMSB Financial Corp.
MFSFMutualFirst Financial, Inc.
MVBFMVB Financial Corp.
NBHCNational Bank Holdings Corporation
NCBSNicolet Bankshares, Inc.
NFBKNorthfield Bancorp, Inc.
OCFCOceanFirst Financial Corp.
OFEDOconee Federal Financial Corp.
ONBOld National Bancorp
OPOFOld Point Financial Corporation
OSBCOld Second Bancorp, Inc.
OCBIOrange County Bancorp, Inc.
ORRFOrrstown Financial Services, Inc.
PMBCPacific Mercantile Bancorp
PGNNParagon Financial Solutions
PKBKParke Bancorp, Inc.
PBKXPartners Bank of California
PGCPeapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation
PEBOPeoples Bancorp Inc.
PEBKPeoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc.
PFBXPeoples Financial Corporation
PNFPPinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
PTBSPotomac Bancshares, Inc.
PFBIPremier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
PMHGPrime Meridian Holding Company
PFHDProfessional Holding Corp.
PBProsperity Bancshares, Inc.
PROVProvident Financial Holdings, Inc.
PBIPPrudential Bancorp, Inc.
PSBQPSB Holdings, Inc.
QCRHQCR Holdings, Inc.
RBNCReliant Bancorp, Inc.
RNSTRenasant Corporation
RBCAARepublic Bancorp, Inc. Class A
FRBKRepublic First Bancorp, Inc.
REVBRevere Bank
RVSBRiverview Bancorp, Inc.
RIVERiverview Financial Corporation
RYFLRoyal Financial, Inc.
SBBIS.B.C.P. Bancorp, Inc.
SBCFSeacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
SLCTSelect Bancorp, Inc.
SFBSServisFirst Bancshares, Inc.
SVBISevern Bancorp, Inc.
SHBIShore Bancshares, Inc.
BSRRSierra Bancorp
SBNYSignature Bank
SGBGSignature Bank of Georgia
SMBKSmartFinancial, Inc.
SABKSouth Atlantic Bancshares, Inc.
SFSTSouthern First Bancshares, Inc.
SOMCSouthern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.
SONASouthern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc.
SSBSouth State Corporation
SBSISouthside Bancshares, Inc.
STLSterling Bancorp
SBTSterling Bancorp, Inc.
SBKKSuncrest Bank
SNVSynovus Financial Corp.
TCBITexas Capital Bancshares, Inc.
TDCBThird Century Bancorp
TSBKTimberland Bancorp, Inc.
TWCFTown and Country Financial Corporation
TRMKTrustmark Corporation
UMPQUmpqua Holdings Corporation
UBOHUnited Bancshares, Inc.
UCBIUnited Community Banks, Inc.
UNTYUnity Bancorp, Inc.
UNIBUniversity Bancorp, Inc
VLYValley National Bancorp
WSBCWesBanco, Inc.
WBBWWestbury Bancorp, Inc.
WNEBWestern New England Bancorp, Inc.
WTFCWintrust Financial Corporation