Hovde Global Asset Management, LLC is a merchant banking/investment firm focused on making investments in financial services companies and banks and thrifts in the United States.



With a history of over 25 years of successfully and selectively investing in financial services companies and banking institutions across the U.S., the principals of Hovde Global Asset Management LLC understand how to successfully identify, source, and execute on strategic investments.

We look to align ourselves with proven management teams, who take substantial equity positions in their companies, and help build businesses of significant value. Our team has substantial advisory, operating, legal and financial management experience in the banking sector, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies. We seek to invest in financial services companies, and in particular, banks and thrifts throughout the United States. 

Why the Banking Sector?

The banking sector is facing an unprecedented time in its storied history, one which will be further defined and shaped over the next decade by the increased regulatory oversight, economic recovery and level of industry-specific consolidation. These events will inevitably lead to dislocations in the value and pricing of securities of companies in this sector.

With significant experience as financial advisors, owners, operators, and investors in the bank sector, we believe we are in the best position to identify and evaluate unique and opportune investments in this sector. Over the past 25 years, our principals and affiliates have been involved in over 300 merger and acquisition transactions for community banks with an aggregate deal value of over $25 billion and over $7.5 billion in branch transactions. We have also invested in bank platforms that have been successful in pursuing organic growth and acquisition strategies, including FDIC assisted transactions.

As a long-time leaders in the bank sector, we believe that we possess the expertise necessary to source and evaluate target opportunities often overlooked by others, and to execute on those opportunities quickly.

Why Hovde Global Asset Management?

Our expertise in the banking industry makes us better able to recognize the inherent value of a company, which allows us to place a higher valuation on a franchise than would a strictly financially driven firm. It also allows us to consider more challenging investment opportunities, such as underperforming companies, or companies facing strategic or operational challenges or complex structural or regulatory issues. We look to maintain collaborative relationships with our partner companies, and our goal is to invest in companies that can take advantage of our ability to add value to their franchise.

The Hovde GroupWe work closely with management teams and serve as an experienced resource and advisor, providing:

  • broad-based strategic advisory services,
  • development and implementation of specific corporate solutions and strategies;
  • advice on corporate or financial matters;
  • assistance with execution of strategic options (including acquisitions and divestitures) designed to increase and maximize the value of the franchise.

We believe in a high level of autonomy for management teams and do not become actively involved in the day-to-day business operations of our portfolio companies. Instead, we work closely with management to set strategic goals and priorities and to help support them in making key business decisions facing the company. Our goal as your partner is to help you generate significant long-term value for your organization through our expertise, experience, and resources.  

*The information on this website does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Securities will only be offered privately to accredited investors by means of delivery of a confidential private placement memorandum and other constituent offering documents, and only to residents of those states and jurisdictions in which such offering and/or sale of securities is permitted to be made.