Hovde Group has a dedicated and experienced group of investment banking professionals focused exclusively on M&A and strategic investment banking advisory services to banks and thrifts in the United States.

The Hovde Group

Hovde Group is a leading financial services and investment banking firm for over 25 years, provides a full-service suite of investment banking and mergers and acquisitions advisory services focused exclusively on the U.S. banking and thrift industry.

Our diverse and talented professionals offer unparalleled financial advisory and M&A expertise to our bank and thrift clients across all regions of the United States. We provide continual, senior-level attention to each of our clients as well as some of the most customized and creative solutions in our industry.

Our investment banking services include:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (whole bank, branch, and FDIC transactions)
  • Valuations and fairness opinions
  • Corporate restructurings and reorganizations
  • Line of business acquisitions
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Conversion services
  • Financial and strategic advice 
  • Investor relations strategies
  • Capital introduction, placement and structuring services
  • As advisor to special committees, we also provide a range of advisory services relating to, among other things, M&A transactions, strategic options, capital alternatives, fairness opinions, valuations and strategic business plans.

With broad industry experience, our investment banking group is able to provide clients with in-depth expertise that extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions, including asset purchases and dispositions, restructurings, recapitalizations and reorganizations, mergers, branch divestitures, FDIC acquisitions, and other strategic affiliations and transactions. Our strong relationships within the bank sector and capital relationships enable us to help clients gain access to today’s growing pool of capital.