Mutual institutions and mutual holding companies face unique issues when seeking to change their franchises to stock companies and to access the capital markets.

These strategic issues and the decisions require significant expertise from an experienced financial advisor that knows their institution, the markets they operate in, and the partners that will allow them to grow their franchise successfully. Our professionals have been involved with many conversions over the years. We can work with you and your team to:

  • The Hovde GroupProvide comprehensive advice on corporate, capital
    structure and other strategic matters,
  • Provide guidance to your organization on the benefits, risks and responsibilities of public ownership,
  • Help you better understand the issuance landscape, the offering process and the concerns of investors, and
  • Assist you in structuring appropriate ownership incentives for directors, officers and employees.

We provide not only structuring and strategic advisory services, but execution at all phases of the conversion process, including data management, solicitation services for obtaining the requisite depositor vote, development of presentation materials, investor relations and communications, and coordination of the subscription and community offering process.

Further, even after the conversion, we will be available to assist you and your team to successfully manage the proceeds raised and to implement appropriate capital management and business strategies that will help your franchise grow and succeed.